• June 2017Water Infrastructure Investment
    US Conference of Mayors Water Council Meeting
    Angela Jin
  • March 2017The Evolving Role of Underwriters’ Counsel
    National Association of Bond Lawyers, Tax and Securities Law Institute, Panel Chair
    Charles Toto
  • July 2016Overview of New Infrastructure Development Contracting Approaches
    North America Development Bank
    Eric S. Petersen
  • March 2016Private Money and Alternative Project Delivery
    Underground Infrastructure Management
    Eric S. Petersen
  • November 2016Water and Wastewater Project Privatization
    The Bond Buyer
    Eric S. Petersen
  • January 2016Regulatory Hot Topics
    HFA Institute of the National Council of State Housing Agencies
    Kathleen Orlandi
  • September 2016P3s and the New Mixed Use Treasury Regulations
    American Bar Association, Tax Section Meeting
    Michela Daliana
  • February 2016Legal Issues in Municipal Bond Financing
    National Council of Higher Education Resources, Legal Conference
    Kenneth Roberts
  • May 2016RAD: Current Issues
    Housing Development Law Institute, Washington Spring Conference
    Rod Solomon
  • April 2016General Roundtable Session – Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Issues Facing HFAs
    National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies, Annual Conference
    Faust Bowerman
  • March 2016Continuing Disclosure -- The Saga Continues
    Oregon Government Finance Officers Association Spring Conference
    Gulgun Mersereau
  • February 2016Before During and After Bonds
    Special Districts Association of Oregon, Annual Conference
    Ann Sherman
  • October 2016Multifamily Housing
    National Association of Bond Lawyers, Bond Attorneys’ Workshop
    Kevin Murphy
  • February 2016The SEC’s Municipal Advisor Rule
    National Association of State Treasurers, State Debt Management Network Webinar
    Kenneth Roberts
  • October 2016Bond Lawyers
    National Association of Bond Lawyers, Bond Attorneys’ Workshop
    Ann Sherman
  • July 2016Municipal Leasing: From All Sides
    New York State Government Finance Association (GFOA)
    Robert Smith
  • October 2016Health Care Facilities Financings
    National Association of Bond Lawyers, Bond Attorney’s Workshop, Panelist
    Charles Toto
  • October 2016Tax Exempt Leasing
    National Association of Bond Lawyers, Bond Attorneys’ Workshop
    Ann Sherman
  • October 2016Tax Hot Topics
    National Association of Bond Lawyers, 41st Bond Attorneys Workshop
    Michela Daliana
  • June 2016Municipal Bonding
    Long Island Village Clerks and Treasurers Association
    Robert Smith
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