Transaction Milestones

  • 1933
    Triborough Bridge Authority ($35 Million), for the construction of the toll-financed bridge. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1934
    Niagara Frontier Bridge Commission ($2.8 Million). Tax-exempt financing for the construction of bridges to Grand Island from Tonawanda and Niagara Falls. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1934
    American Museum of Natural History Planetarium Authority ($650,000) for the construction of the planetarium, its maintenance and operations. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1936
    New York City Tunnel Authority ($50 Million) for the construction of the Queens Midtown Tunnel. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1944
    Commissioner of Internal Revenue v. White's Estate, 144 F2d 1019, determines that the interest on tax-exempt bonds must be excluded from gross income in determining income tax obligation of the bondholders. (L.L. Delafield Jr., counsel to the Estate)
  • 1950
    The Niagara Issues by the New York State Thruway, $10 Million bank loans. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1950
    New Jersey Turnpike ($220 Million) , combining 53 institutions and 118-mile toll roads. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1953
    Delaware River Port Authority ($100 Million). First series for financing of Delaware River Bridges. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1953
    New York Power Authority $1 Million first loan agreement. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1953
    First Issue of the Alaska State Housing Authority $3.5 Million. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1954
    Indiana Toll Road Commission ($280 Million) 157-mile East-West Toll Road. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1958
    Yale University ($1.5 Million) for the construction of dormitory for 205 female students and faculty apartments. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1959
    Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority for the construction of Verrazano Narrows Bridge ($100 Million). (Bond Counsel)
  • 1964
    New York World Fair 1964-1965 Corporation ($40 Million promissory notes). (Bond Counsel)
  • 1971
    Oklahoma Turnpike, $74 Million bonds for construction of the Cimarron Turnpike. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1972
    Battery Park City's first financing. (Bond Counsel)
  • 1975
    NYC Fiscal Crisis $3.3 Billion “BIG MAC" bonds. (Bond Counsel). Hawkins Opinion in “Wein One” helped lead to the dismissal of a key legal challenge, 36 NY 2d 610.
  • 1986
    Opening of the Hartford, Connecticut Office
  • 1987
    Opening of the Newark, New Jersey Office
  • 1990
    Opening of the Los Angeles, California Office
  • 1993
    Opening of the Washington D.C. Office
  • 1998
    Long Island Power Authority in connection with its $7 billion acquisition of the Long Island Lighting Company. (Bond Counsel)
  • 2000
    Opening of the San Francisco, California Office
  • 2001
    Opening of the Sacramento, California Office
  • 2009-2015
    Tower 3 and Tower 4 at the World Trade Center financing for $2.9 Billion bonds. (Underwriters' Counsel)
  • 2012
    Opening of the Portland, Oregon Office
  • 2012
    San Diego County Water Authority, California (+ $900 Million). Hawkins represents the Authority as special contract counsel in the development of California’s first major seawater desalination project.
  • 2015
    Opening of the Ann Arbor, Michigan Office
  • 2018
    Howard County Circuit Courthouse P3 Project. Hawkins represented the County in the first U.S. social infrastructure P3 project to reach financial close outside of California.