Attorneys & Professionals

Photo of Emily Attubato
Emily Attubato emily-attubato Associate 212.820.9602
Photo of Roger Bagley
Roger Bagley roger-bagley Partner 212.820.9497
Photo of Arto Becker
Arto Becker arto-becker Of Counsel 213.236.9070
Photo of Robert Beinfield
Robert Beinfield robert-beinfield Partner 973.642.1307
Photo of Sharon Bernard
Sharon Bernard sharon-bernard Associate 212.820.9657
Photo of Daniel G. Birmingham
Daniel G. Birmingham daniel-birmingham Partner 212.820.9563
Photo of Arthur Cohen
Arthur Cohen arthur-cohen Partner 212.820.9359
Photo of Jennifer Córdova
Jennifer Córdova jennifer-cordova Partner 503.402.1326
Photo of Mauro D'Iapico
Mauro D'Iapico mauro-diapico Associate 212.820.9387
Photo of Sarah Dickey
Sarah Dickey sarah-dickey Associate 503.402.1332
Photo of Steven Donovan
Steven Donovan steven-donovan Of Counsel 973.642.8680
Photo of Maya Dudley
Maya Dudley maya-dudley Associate 212.820.9546
Emerson Sanders emerson-sanders Law Clerk
Photo of Kristine Flynn
Kristine Flynn kristine-flynn Partner 973.642.8682
Photo of Daniel N. Fuss
Daniel N. Fuss daniel-fuss Partner 212.820.9440
Photo of Brian Garzione
Brian Garzione brian-garzione Partner 202.682.1493
Photo of Ronald Grosser
Ronald Grosser ronald-grosser Counsel 212.820.9423
Photo of Lisa Hagan
Lisa Hagan lisa-hagan Partner 734-519-5003
Photo of Andrew Thomas Hahn Sr.
Andrew Thomas Hahn Sr. andrew-thomas-hahn General Counsel 212 820 9443
Photo of Laurie Hall
Laurie Hall laurie-hall Counsel 860.275.6261
Photo of David Handler
David Handler david-handler Partner 973.642.8609
Photo of Alexis Harrington
Alexis Harrington alexis-harrington Partner 415.486.4204
Photo of Jeffrey  Hazelton
Jeffrey Hazelton jeffrey-hazelton Associate 212-820-9522
Photo of R. Gregory Henniger
R. Gregory Henniger gregory-henniger Partner 212.820.9414
Photo of Takashi Iwata
Takashi Iwata takashi-iwata Managing Director 212.820.9432
Photo of William J. Jackson
William J. Jackson william-jackson Partner 212.820.9620
Photo of Neil Kaplan
Neil Kaplan neil-kaplan Partner 212.820.9361
Photo of Parthesh Karna
Parthesh Karna parthesh-karna Associate 973-642-8604
J. Sarah Kim sarah-kim Partner 212.820.9467
Photo of Nicholas Koontz
Nicholas Koontz nicholas-koontz Counsel 212.820.9580
Photo of Frederick Kuhlman
Frederick Kuhlman frederick-kuhlman Partner 415.486.4219
Photo of Darren N. Levin
Darren N. Levin darren-n-levin Associate 212-820-9338
Photo of Shira Levine
Shira Levine shira-levine Associate 212.820.9503
Photo of Samuel Litton
Samuel Litton samuel-litton Partner 212.820.9428
Photo of Michelle A. Loucopolos
Michelle A. Loucopolos michelle-loucopolos Counsel 973.642.8677
Photo of Lloyd S. Lowy
Lloyd S. Lowy lloyd-lowy Partner 212.820.9340
Photo of Armando E. Martinez
Armando E. Martinez armando-e-martinez Associate 212.820.9333
Photo of Ryann  McAndrews
Ryann McAndrews ryann-mcandrews Associate 973.642.8606
Photo of Abby McBride Schwartz
Abby McBride Schwartz abby-mcbride-schwartz Associate 734.519.5006
Photo of Carol Juang McCoog
Carol Juang McCoog carol-mccoog Partner 503.402.1323
Photo of Melanie Murakami
Melanie Murakami melanie-murakami Partner 213.236.9063
Photo of Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy kevin-murphy Partner 212.820.9558
Photo of Niles Murphy
Niles Murphy niles-muprhy Associate 973.642.8607
Photo of Elizabeth O'Connell
Elizabeth O'Connell elizabeth-oconnell Partner 212.820.9610
Photo of Brian Organ
Brian Organ brian-organ Partner 415.486.4203
Photo of Kathleen Orlandi
Kathleen Orlandi kathleen-orlandi Partner 212.820.9454
Joshua S. Perkins joshua-s-perkins Associate 212.820.9403
Photo of Eric S. Petersen
Eric S. Petersen eric-petersen Of Counsel 212.820.9401
Photo of John Pirog
John Pirog john-pirog Partner 916.326.5204
Photo of Jeffrey A. Poley
Jeffrey A. Poley jeffrey-a-poley Partner 919.635.8294
Photo of Zachary Polo
Zachary Polo zachary-polo Associate 212.820.9458
Photo of Diane Quan
Diane Quan diane-quan Partner 213.236.9068
Photo of John Renken
John Renken john-renken Partner 212.820.9402
Photo of Kyle Reynolds
Kyle Reynolds kyle-reynolds Associate 213.236.9074
Photo of Kenneth Roberts
Kenneth Roberts kenneth-roberts Partner 212.820.9512
Photo of Jamison Sadlon-del Pozo
Jamison Sadlon-del Pozo jamison-sadlon-del-pozo Partner 212.820.9384
Photo of Eric Sapir
Eric Sapir eric-sapir Partner 973.642.1188
Photo of Megan I. Sartor
Megan I. Sartor megan-sartor Counsel 973.642.8605
Photo of Erich Schmitz
Erich Schmitz erich-schmitz Associate 415.486.4209
Photo of Robert Smith
Robert Smith robert-smith Partner 212.820.9662
Photo of Rod Solomon
Rod Solomon rod-solomon Partner 202.682.1485
Photo of Joseph Sullivan
Joseph Sullivan joseph-sullivan Partner 212.820.9513
Photo of Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor christopher-taylor Partner 212.820.9395
Photo of Eric P. Taylor
Eric P. Taylor eric-p-taylor Of Counsel 212.820.9495
Photo of Lin Tian
Lin Tian lin-tian Associate 503.402.1322
Photo of Sean Tierney
Sean Tierney sean-tierney Partner 415.486.4201
Photo of Charles Toto
Charles Toto charles-toto Partner 973.642.8841
Photo of Steven Turner
Steven Turner steven-turner Partner 212.820.9462
Photo of Gülgün Uğur
Gülgün Uğur gulgun-ugur Partner 503.402.1325
Photo of Bruce Van Dusen
Bruce Van Dusen bruce-van-dusen Of Counsel 212.820.9307
Photo of Richard Van Dusen
Richard Van Dusen richard-van-dusen Of Counsel
Photo of Howard Zucker
Howard Zucker howard-zucker Partner 212.820.9362