Hawkins Acts as Bond Counsel for 2008's National "Deal of the Year"


Hawkins once again was part of the financing teams (in each case, as bond counsel) for two “Deal of the Year” transactions in 2008—the $5.5 billion tobacco revenue securitization by the Buckeye (Ohio) Tobacco Settlement Financing Authority (the largest tobacco revenue settlement securitization ever done) and the $485 million capital grants securitization by the Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority (involving the creation of the largest low income housing tax credit transaction ever). In competition with the other regional award winners, and in light of its public purpose, complexity, precedent-setting and innovation, the Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority financing was presented with The Bond Buyer’s 2008 national “Deal of the Year” award. The lead Partner that counseled on the national winner was Mr. Richard Van Dusen. The lead Partners on the Buckeye deal were Mr. Zucker, Mr. Bagley and Mr. Richard Van Dusen.

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