Howard Zucker was awarded the National Association of Bond Lawyers' Bernard P. Friel Medal for Distinguished Service in Public Finance


Hawkins is proud to announce that Howard Zucker is a recipient of the National Association of Bond Lawyers awards, which recognize professionals for their notable service in public finance.

NABL presented the awards on Wednesday during the association’s Bond Attorneys’ Workshop in Chicago.

Mr. Zucker is a member of Hawkins management committee since 1991. Mr. Zucker has over 35 years' experience in housing finance. He is currently in charge of the Firm's housing and mortgage finance practice group.

Mr. Zucker was NABL president from September 1999 to September 2000. During his tenure he helped transform NABL from an “insular” organization to one that collaborates with other market participants and industry groups, and led NABL in promoting electronic forms of disclosure, which is now the industry standard.

Mr. Zucker assisted NABL in lead efforts to address potentially “unethical” pay-to-play contributions by attorneys to political campaigns.

Mr. Zucker co-wrote the “ABCs of Housing Bonds" (first published in 1985; now in its fifth edition).