John M. McNally Receives the NABL’ s Kiel Distinguished Service Award


The National Association of Bond Lawyers (“NABL”) is honoring John M. McNally with the Frederick O. Kiel Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his “extraordinary service . . . provided to [NABL] over an extended period of time.” 

John was awarded in 2015 NABL’s Friel Medal for “distinguished service in public finance,” and was awarded in 1997 NABL’s Carlson Prize for “best scholarly article submitted for publication in [NABL’s] The Bond Lawyer.”  John served on NABL’s Board of Directors for eight consecutive years and as President during the 2010-2011 term.  This is John’s forty-third year in the practice of public finance, the initial three of which were as an attorney in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Municipal Securities Branch (a branch in the SEC Division formerly known as Market Regulation).