Arto serves as bond counsel, underwriters' counsel and disclosure counsel. Arto’s practice for more than 35 years has included a variety of financings for many types of state and local governments, particularly in California.

Arto joined the firm as an associate upon graduating law school and has practiced his entire career at the firm. Arto assisted in establishing the firm’s first office in California in Los Angeles office in 1989. His practice is focused on California issuers. Arto is also a member of the firm’s management committee.

Arto has extensive experience in the areas of short-term financings, general obligation bonds, lease revenue bond and certificate of participation financings for a full range of equipment and real estate projects, revenue bonds, including those for water and wastewater projects and transportation projects, pension obligation bonds, assessment and special tax financings, multifamily and single-family housing financings, financings for public and private educational institutions, tax allocation bonds, industrial development bonds and other private activity bonds.

He has served as bond counsel and disclosure counsel to a variety of public issuers in the State of California, including the State and many counties, cities, school districts and special districts. Arto has also represented various major investment banking firms in connection with a variety of financing structures.

Arto’s practice includes advising issuers and underwriters of the legal requirements, including applicable state law, securities law and tax law, relating to debt issuance and continuing compliance. He has conducted securities law training for various public agencies. Arto has a deep knowledge of the rating agencies’ requirements and market practices. He frequently speaks at industry conferences and is considered a creative problem solver by his peers.