Jay specialized in different aspects of federal income taxation with greatest emphasis on financial transactions and products, especially in the municipal sector.

For many years Jay worked with investor-owned utilities in connection with pollution control and local furnishing financings, and with municipally-owned utilities in various parts of the country.

Jay has provided tax support for bonds issued by states, cities and their authorities to finance all manner of projects and has served as special counsel to several 501(c)(3) institutions.  He was involved in the tax aspects of almost every transaction that involved the securitization of tobacco settlement revenues or sales tax receipts in which Hawkins acted as transaction or bond counsel.  Jay was responsible for formulating the tax approach that supported the issuance of billions of dollars of notes and bonds in 2001 and 2002 as part of an effort to normalize the energy markets in the State of California.

Jay contributed to reports relating to tax-exempt finance submitted by the American and New York State Bar Associations.  He was also a speaker or panelist at events sponsored by the American Bar Association and the National Association of Bond Lawyers with respect to a wide range of topics involving tax-exempt obligations.

Jay is not engaged in active practice.

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