Kam served as bond counsel, underwriters’ counsel and special tax counsel on financings throughout the country, from New York to Hawaii and from Alaska to Florida. The financings included general governmental purposes, electric power, water, sewer, solid waste, housing, health care, higher education, and air and ground transportation.

Kam worked in engineering and strategic corporate planning while in law school.  She provided integration of bond law, tax law and finance that is critical in bringing a complex bond financing to a timely and successful conclusion.  Because of her unique educational background and work experience, she worked on many of the largest and most complex tax-exempt financings.  Financings ?? include general purposes in New York and Connecticut, electric power in North Carolina, Oklahoma and Nebraska, water and sewer in Oklahoma, health care and higher education financings in New York and Oklahoma.

Kam established the Hawkins Financial Analysis and Services group which provides tax compliance and bond financial services.

Kam is not engaged in active practice.  

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