Howard brought extensive experience in a wide range of revenue, general obligation and “subject to appropriation” bonds to Hawkins. He started his career at Hawkins in 1978 and acted as bond counsel or underwriters’ counsel on many significant transactions. Howard has worked, either as bond counsel or underwriters’ counsel primarily in the areas of multi-family housing, health care and higher education, as well as general obligation and “subject to appropriation” financings.

Howard worked with many significant issuers in the State of New York.  He served as bond counsel for the issuance of Liberty Bonds to stabilize and rebuild downtown Manhattan and for several other issues of Liberty Bonds. Howard represented, as bond counsel, the New York City Housing Development Corporation and the New York State Housing Finance Agency.  He also served as bond counsel to the Dormitory of the State of New York, which issues bonds for State Facilities, hospitals and other health care and higher education facilities.  Howard has served as underwriters’ counsel to virtually all the major investment banking firms.  Howard was part of a team of Hawkins attorneys that served as underwriters’ counsel for New York City General Obligation bonds and participated in the firm’s representation of the underwriters of the New York City Transitional Finance Authority, which issues bonds for the benefit of New York City.  He also assisted in the drafting of legislation enacted in the States of New York and Maine.

Howard is not engaged in active practice.  

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