Eric is an infrastructure procurement, contract and finance lawyer who has spent his entire four-decade career at Hawkins. He was instrumental in building the firm’s public-private partnership (P3) and alternative project delivery practice representing public agencies on a strong foundation of public finance, project finance, construction, tax and environmental law experience. Eric has served as owner’s lead counsel on over 100 major public works contract and financing procurements in more than two dozen states using alternative project delivery. These have resulted in DB, PDB, DBOM, DBFOM, P3, CMAR and asset management contracts valued at over $20bn, including contracts for projects in the water, social infrastructure, transportation, power and renewable energy and solid waste industries.

He has represented cities, counties, states, public authorities, municipal utilities, JPA’s and special districts across the United States, and his professional experience encompasses all forms of public-private contracting arrangements under which public works facilities are designed, built, operated, maintained, owned and financed. Eric served as lead attorney on several groundbreaking and award-winning American P3 transactions, drafting and negotiating the DBFOM (P3) project agreements on behalf of the State of California for the $400mm New Long Beach Court Building Project (a Bond Buyer deal of the year), the San Diego County Water Authority for the $900mm Carlsbad Seawater Desalination Project (a Project Finance Magazine deal of the year), and the San Antonio Water System for the $900mm Vista Ridge Regional Supply Project (a Project Finance Magazine and Global Water Intelligence Deal of the Year).  Other landmark projects include New York State’s $1.2bn Javits Convention Center Expansion DB project and DBIA award-winning DB and DBOM water projects for Santa Fe  and Phoenix.  Eric specializes in water and public building projects, where he is recognized as one of the most accomplished practitioners in the country.

Among the many other Hawkins public sector clients Eric has represented in his national alternative project delivery and P3 practice are the States of New York, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia and Rhode Island, as well as the United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and in the Northwest – Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Stockton, Spokane County, and Victoria CRD; in the Northeast – New York City, MWRA and MBTA (Boston), Washington, DC (WASA), Newport, Springfield, Monmouth County, WSSC (MD) and Howard County; in the Southwest – San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, Pima County, Houston, and TRA (Dallas); and in the Southeast – Charlotte, Nashville, Fulton County, Hialeah-Miami Dade and San Juan.

Eric is a co-founder and board member of the U.S. National Council for Public-Private Partnerships, the U.S. Conference of Mayors Water Council and the Performance Based Buildings Coalition, and regularly presents at conferences organized by leading industry associations on topics critical to the P3 and alternative project delivery field.

Professional Memberships

  • American Water Works Association
  • Design-Build Institute of America
  • Solid Waste Association of North America
  • Performance-Based Building Coalition
  • Water Environment Federation

Social Infrastructure Projects

Transportation Projects

State of California - New Long Beach Court Building (DBFOM-P3)

Houston, TX – Justice Complex Project (DBFOM-P3)

Howard County, MD – Court Building Project (DBFOM-P3)

City of New York – Various Design-Build Public Buildings and Improvements (DB)

State of New York - Consolidated Laboratory Project (DBFOM-P3)

State of New York – Javits Convention Center Expansion Project (DB)

San Francisco, CA – Citywide Fiber Optic Broadband Project (DBFOM-P3)

Travis County, TX - Travis County Civil and Family Courthouse (DB/DBFOM-P3)

State of Arizona - Superstition Freeway Project (DBFOM-P3)

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Automated Fare Collection System Project (DBFOM-P3)

State of New Jersey - New Jersey Turnpike P3 Project (Concession-P3)

Government of Poland - A2 Autostrada Project (DBFOM-P3)

Port Authority of NY and NJ – LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal Building (DBFOM-P3) (Lender’s Counsel)

State of Rhode Island – RhodeWorks Statewide Bridge Reconstruction Program (Truck Tolling)

Water Projects

Wastewater Projects

Hialeah and Miami, FL - Groundwater Desalination Water Treatment Project (DBOM)

Houston, TX - Water Treatment Project (Progressive DB)

Klamath River Renewal Corporation (CA and OR) -Dam Removal and Habitat Restoration Project (DB)

Lawrence, MA - Water Treatment Project (DBOM)

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, MA - Norembaga Covered Water Storage Project (DB)

New York, NY - Croton Water Treatment Project and Catskills-Delaware Water Treatment Project (Asset Management)

Phoenix, AZ - Lake Pleasant Water Treatment Project (DBOM)

Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, PR - Water and Wastewater System (Asset Management)

San Antonio Water System, TX – Vista Ridge Regional Water Supply Project (DBFOM-P3)

San Antonio Water System, TX - Groundwater Desalination Water Treatment Project (CMAR)

San Diego County Water Authority, CA - Carlsbad Seawater Desalination Project (DBFOM-P3)

San Diego County Water Authority, CA - Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment Project (DBOM)

San Diego County Water Authority, CA - Olivenhain Water Pipeline Project (DB)

San Jose Water Company, CA - Water Treatment Project (Progressive DB)

San Juan Capistrano, CA - Groundwater Desalination Water Treatment Project (DBOM)

Santa Fe, NM - Buckman Direct Diversion Project (DB)

Seattle, WA - Tolt River Water Treatment Project (DBOM)

Southern Nevada Water Authority, NV - Water Pipeline Project (DB)

Waterbury, CT - Water Project (Asset Management)

Woodland and Davis, CA - Surface Water Treatment Project (DBOM)

Bergen County, NJ - Wastewater Treatment Project (Asset Management)

Cranston, RI - Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Management Project (DBFOM-P3)

Fulton County, GA - Camp Creek Wastewater Treatment Project (DBOM)

Holyoke, MA - Wastewater Treatment and CSO Project (DBFOM-P3)

Lynn, MA - Wastewater Treatment and CSO Projects (DBOM)

Naugatuck, CT - Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Management Project (DBFOM-P3)

Newport, RI - Wastewater Treatment Project (DBOM)

Pima County, AZ - Roger Road Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Project (DBOM)

Spokane County, WA - Wastewater Treatment Project (DBOM)

Springfield, MA - Wastewater Treatment Project (DBOM)

Stockton, CA - Wastewater Treatment Project (DBOM)

Victoria Capital Region District, British Columbia, Canada - Wastewater Treatment Project (DBF)

Wilsonville, OR - Wastewater Treatment Project (DBOM)

Biosolids and Bioenergy Projects

Solid Waste and Energy Projects

Burlington County, NJ - Biosolids Project (DBOM)

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, CA – Biosolids and Bioenergy Project (DBFOM-P3)

Charlotte, NC - Biosolids Management Project (DB/Service Contract).

Fresno, CA - Biosolids Management Project (DBOM)

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority - Fore River Biosolids Management Project (Asset Management)

Padre Dam Municipal Water District, CA – Biosolids Management Project (DB)

Rockland County, NY - Biosolids Project (DBOM)

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, CA - Biosolids Management Project (DBFOM-P3)

San Diego, CA - Landfill Gas Co-Generation Project (DBFOM-P3)

San Diego, CA – Landfill Gas-to-Energy Expansion Project (DBFOM-P3)

San Jose, CA - Bioenergy Project (DB)

Trinity River Authority, TX –Biosolids Project (CMAR)

Washington, D.C. Water and Sewer Authority – Blue Plains Biosolids Management Project (DB)

Washington, D.C. Water and Sewer Authority - Blue Plains Combined Heat and Power Project (DBOM)

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, MD –Biosolids and Bioenergy Project (DB)

Anaheim, CA - Municipal Solid Waste Franchise Project (Service Contract)

Broome County, NY - Waste-to-Energy Project (DBOM)

Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, CT - Bridgeport Waste-to-Energy Project (DFBOM-P3)

State of Georgia - Hazardous Waste Management Project (DBFOM-P3)

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Waste-to-Energy Project (DBFOM-P3)

Huntington, NY - Waste-to-Energy and Materials Recovery Projects (DBFOM-P3)

Los Angeles, CA - Waste-to-Energy Project (DBFOM-P3)

Mojave Desert JPA, CA - Materials Recovery Facility (DBOM)

Monmouth County, NJ - Waste-to-Energy and Materials Recovery Projects (DBOM)

Montreal Regional Municipalities, Quebec, Canada - Waste-to-Energy Project (DBFOM-P3)

Moreno Valley, CA - Electric Power Project (DB)

Nashville, TN - District Heating and Cooling Project (DBOM)

Newport Beach, CA - Municipal Solid Waste Hauling Project (Franchise)

New York, NY - Brooklyn Navy Yard Waste-to-Energy Project (DBFOM-P3)

New York, NY - Municipal Solid Waste Rail Haul Export Program (8 major DB/Asset Management/Export Contracts)

Orange County, CA - Municipal Solid Waste Importation Program (Asset Management/Import Contracts)

Sacramento, CA - Materials Recovery Project (DBOM)

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Waste-to-Energy Project (DBFOM-P3)

Seattle, WA - Transfer Station Project (DBOM)

Ventura Regional Sanitation District, CA - Materials Recovery Project (DBOM)

Westchester County, NY - - Waste-to-Energy Project (DBFOM-P3)