Biosolids Management

Hawkins’ water project team has handled more than 15 alternative project delivery procurements for large scale biosolids management facilities.

We have developed, on behalf of our public agency clients, detailed contract performance guarantees for biosolids drying, composting and incineration projects and for sludge haul-away contracts.  Our firm represented DC Water on the first installation of the Cambi thermal hydrolysis biosolids pretreatment process in the United States, and Trinity River Authority (Texas) and Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (Maryland) on subsequent Cambi-based projects.  Among the other biosolids management technologies with which we have extensive experience through our procurement and contract work for public agencies are sludge composting (Burlington County, New Jersey and Rockland County, New York); sludge drying (Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District and MWRA); and sludge incineration (Cranston, Rhode Island and Naugatuck, Connecticut). 

We are familiar with the regulatory requirements applicable to land application of biosolids and to the production of sludge products, as well as market conditions under which various types of biosolids products are distributed and used.  The firm’s experience also includes several wastewater facility projects in which responsibility for biosolids management and disposal was part of the duties contractually assumed by the facility operator.  A number of these projects involved merchant arrangements where the operator assumed the market risk of securing sludge supplies from the regional market for incinerator facilities that were part of the wastewater treatment project.

The following is a representative list of the firm’s engagements as owner’s lead counsel for project procurements in the biosolids management sector:

  • Burlington County, New Jersey
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Cranston, Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Naugatuck, Connecticut
  • Rockland County, New York
  • Sacramento Regional County Wastewater District, California
  • Sarasota County, Florida
  • Trinity River Authority, Texas
  • Victoria Capital Region District, British Columbia