Hawkins attorneys assist financial institutions that provide liquidity or credit enhancement or make direct loans or direct purchases in public finance transactions. Our ability to efficiently analyze the legal structures underlying complex finance transactions, including the credit and payment characteristics of public finance transactions, is highly valued by our bank clients. Our day-to-day involvement with developments in the municipal finance industry enables Hawkins to provide bank clients with state of the art legal solutions and industry intelligence and insight.

Our bank lawyers began their careers and continue to represent clients in drafting and negotiating direct-pay letters of credit issued by single providers and by bank groups, direct-pay letters of credit for pooled programs, confirming letters of credit that wrapped the direct-pay letters of credit of lower-rated commercial banks, letters of credit and lines of credit for commercial paper note programs, liquidity facilities (both insured and uninsured) and participation agreements.  In addition to these traditional structures, our banking team represents our bank clients in direct lending, revolving lines of credit and direct purchases of debt.

As members of a leading public finance firm, our bank lawyers bring to each transaction the experience and expertise that allows us to provide the highest quality of legal service to our bank clients, whether negotiating and drafting documents, determining the scope and limits of a municipal or nonprofit obligor’s powers, or analyzing the credit and collateral features of a transaction.  Our combined public finance and banking experience enables the firm to find ways to accomplish the financing goals of the transaction and to advance our client’s interests in the most efficient and constructive way possible and represents an unusually broad and deep resource for our bank clients.